Resentment and Revenge

Resentment and Revenge

Behold, I will give your enemy into your hand, and you shall do to him as it shall seem good to you. I Samuel 24:4

I won’t go into the details, but once, someone whom I felt had previously offended me, came to me, requiring my assistance. I gave it, but inside, I gloated a little. Ha! You should have been nicer to me. The tables have turned and now I could have my revenge if I wanted. Later, I was miserable, realizing how natural it had been to wallow in my resentment.

David found himself in a similar, if not more dramatic, situation in today’s passage. King Saul had been trying to kill him for some time when the opportunity arose for David to have his revenge. David and his men were hiding in a cave, when Saul happened along and went in alone to relieve himself.

David’s men whispered those same thoughts I had. The tables have turned. Have your vengeance. This is the solution to all of your problems.

David snuck up on Saul and cut a small piece from his robe but later, remembering that this was still God’s anointed king, was struck with guilt. After Saul left the cave, David came out to address him. I could have killed you, but I did not. I am not your enemy. Why do you seek my life? May God judge us both.

David’s mercy turned Saul’s heart as he realized that David was more fit to be king than he was. Saul had given into his resentment, allowing it to consume him. David, though he would have been justified, did not seek revenge and thus, proved himself worthy to be the king he would become.

I must continually ask myself if I am indulging in my resentments, which like a drug, will corrupt and consume my mind. Do I really desire the madness and misery of King Saul? Or, do I want to be like David, looking to God’s will instead of my own? It is only in choosing God’s way, instead of mine, that I embrace life and find peace.

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