Help Me Get Rid of Manny

Help Me Get Rid of Manny

But when Reuben heard it, he rescued him out of their hands, saying, “Let us not take his life.” Genesis 37:21

As I’ve mentioned previously, I enjoy the daily competition at our CrossFit Gym. Over the last couple of years, one friend and I have been keeping track of our wins and losses against each other. I’m talking about my buddy Manny, pictured here, of course. The only problem is that he’s so much stronger than me that there’s simply no way I can compete with him on any heavy lift day. I once thought I could just get stronger, but I’ve now accepted that I simply can’t compete with his youth and power. So, for the sake of my own ego, I’ve just been trying to get rid of him. When Manny told me several months ago that he was planning on going to Austria to be a missionary, and all he had to do was raise money to go, I knew this was my opportunity. I can help get rid of Manny . . .

I’m joking of course. I love Manny, I enjoy our competition, and I will miss him dearly. I have however, been profoundly impressed by his obedience. When presented with the opportunity to do God’s will, Manny and his wife Liz simply said yes. There was no thunderous voice from heaven telling them to go. They just did what they believed to be right – even though it will radically change their entire lives.

Do what’s right, no matter what the cost – that’s the lesson of Reuben in today’s passage. In the story, Joseph called on his brothers who were tending the family flock. When his brothers saw him coming, they quickly hatched a plot to kill Joseph, whom they resented for being their father’s favorite. One brother, Reuben, sort-of intervened, convincing his brothers not to kill Joseph, but rather just throw him in a pit. In the end, the brother’s sold Joseph to some passing slave traders. Then, they covered Joseph’s coat in blood and presented it to their father, telling him that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal. Reuben’s intentions may have been good, but he knew that completely defying his brothers meant that his own life may be threatened. So, he compromised, went along with his brother’s story, and lied to his father. In the end, he was counted among those who sold Joseph into slavery. Reuben may have meant well, but he simply wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice to do what was right.

That’s not Manny. Though it will mean tremendous sacrifice, he and his wife are going to uproot their family and move to a foreign country in radical obedience to God’s will. I’m inspired, and though I will miss him, I also want to help him. So, I’m going to use today’s blog to ask if any of you will help his family get to Austria. Being a missionary involves the unenviable task of raising his own salary. Basically, for him to be obedient, some of us must also be obedient, giving financially if God asks us. So, if you’ve ever been inspired by Manny, then please consider visiting the following website to financially support his life mission.


Now go! Give! Help me get rid of Manny!

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