Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

In the beginning, God . . . Genesis 1:1

During the medical school application process, we all sat through personal interviews where everyone was asked the same quintessential question – Why do you want to be a physician? Now, if I’d have answered that I was only interested in money, status, and women, they probably wouldn’t have let me into medical school. Going to medical school is a privilege that should be reserved only for those who’re truly interested in serving others. That’s the mission of a physician and it does me good to regularly remind myself of that. When I’m frustrated with the politics of the job or frustrated with a coworker – or maybe they’re frustrated with me – I must remind myself that it’s not all about me. It’s not wrong to want to be treated fairly, but the job isn’t about self-promotion. In every situation, I must remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Being a physician is primarily about serving others and if I don’t start there every day, then I’m doing it wrong.

Today’s passage, the opening verse of the Bible, reveals our starting point as Christians. In the beginning, God . . . As followers of Christ, we understand that what we believe about God is the most important thing about us and that our relationship with him is the most important relationship of our lives. Our faith starts with him and likewise, our every day should start with him. Daily, we should make a genuine effort to point our lives at God instead of at ourselves. He should be the reason we think what we think and the motive behind doing what we do.

This isn’t easy or natural though. I’ve believed in God my entire life and yet, I’ve followed my own nature to a spectacular disaster in my drug addiction. In recovery now, I’m learning. I’ve learned to begin every day by getting up early to pray, read, and meditate – that’s where this blog comes from. I’m still terribly flawed though, regularly struggling with gluttony, anger, resentments, greed, and pride. So, my life is an exercise in learning to remind myself of the foundation of my life – sometimes a thousand times a day. Does this decision move me closer to God’s will or closer to Scott’s will? Sometimes those two things align, but more often they do not. And so, daily I must go back to the beginning and remind myself of the lesson of today’s passage. In the beginning, God . . . He is where I must begin everything. If I don’t start my life there every day, then I’m doing it wrong.

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