Guide My Steps

Guide My Steps

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8

In my drug addiction, I engaged in what was potentially career-ending behavior. My career didn’t end though. I did have to be out of work for several months as I went to treatment, got sober, and began putting my life back together. I underwent several years of monitoring before I was completely restored to normal licensure status. I didn’t get my old job back, but I did get a new job, one with much better hours and lifestyle. Eventually, because of my addiction, I was given opportunities to use my medical license to practice correctional/addiction medicine and I now work in two county jails. I’d been volunteering in jail. I was shocked to learn that I could earn a paycheck, doing the things I wanted to be doing anyway.

I relate that brief history only to point out the hand of God moving in my life. I followed my way, and it tore my life apart. When I began to abandon my way to follow God’s way, he directed the path of my life so that my terrible evil could be used for his good. I’m not thankful for the pain I caused in my addiction, but I can look back and be thankful for how God has used it in my life. Scott from 15 years ago never would have practiced addiction medicine. Yet I like me much better now that I’m trying to follow God’s path for my life. I still pray every day for God to guide my steps. My way is disaster. God’s way is life.

In today’s passage, John recorded the words God spoke to him. I am the Alpha and the Omega. God is eternal and the Almighty. He can see everything that I cannot. I’m a dolt compared to him, and I’d be moronic to pursue my path instead of his. When I was a kid, I wished for diabetes, because I thought it would make me special. When I was tested and found not to have it, I was disappointed. Like I said – moronic. I’m still like that child in that my idea of what is good for me is usually immature, shortsighted, and foolish. I’ve proven repeatedly that I simply cannot be trusted to choose what is best for me in light of eternity.

So, daily, I pray that God guide my steps. I pray that I would follow. Then, I make a genuine effort every day to point my life at him because he loves me and he knows all – including that which is best for me.

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