Siri, Take the Wheel

Siri, Take the Wheel

So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:6

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that my kids have recently left home for college. College has been a long way off however, so I’ve driven with them. In the last week, I’ve driven to both Virginia and Arizona. I like road trips and I love time with my kids, so it’s not been a burden at all. I don’t inherently know the way though, so, I’ve used my phone to tell me how to get there. I just plug in the destination, Siri gives the commands, and I follow.

A couple of times, I’ve not paid attention and missed a turn. Once, after such a lapse, we found ourselves driving 15 extra minutes through residential streets in Dayton, Ohio. Frustrated with my own lack of attentiveness, I’ve wished more than once that Siri could just assume control of the steering wheel. Maybe someday that will be possible, but for now Siri tells me where to go and it’s up to me to follow her commands.

That’s not a bad metaphor for the Christian life. In today’s passage, Paul said that while we’re on this Earth, we cannot see perfectly so we live by faith in God. Since he can see forever, he tells us how to live and we must follow.

The problem for most of us though, is that what we can see – our immediate existence – seems much more real than eternity. In theory, we say we believe in God and follow him, in practicality though, we trust and follow ourselves. In doing so, many of us have caused ourselves immense misery. Recognizing that it’s our path that’s led to disaster, we’ve asked God to take the wheel. Just take over God. Make my choices for me.

As soon as his will opposes ours though, we realize that we’re still driving and not following his commands. Soon, we’re lost again. God, in his wisdom, doesn’t take over the wheel. Rather, he sits beside us, telling us where to go, leaving the steering – and consequences – up to us.

Usually, we take only the occasional, big life decisions to him. Where should I go to college? What job should I pursue? All the while however, God is telling us how to live. Pursue and follow me daily. Love and serve your neighbors. Be kind. Tell the truth. Abandon your self-destructive sin. If we want to get where we’re supposed to go in life, we’d do well to daily listen to his voice, continually following his directions.

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