Would Jesus Wear a Mask?

Would Jesus Wear a Mask?

So I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man. Acts 24:16

I don’t really like wearing a mask. Now that I’ve had Covid-19 and am immune to it for some time at least, I honestly probably don’t need one. It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable and in my mind, I shouldn’t have to wear one.

The other day though, I met an 80-year-old patient who was seeing me for shortness of breath. She’d recently been diagnosed with Covid-19 and her story made me think. She’d been careful to avoid exposure to the world, but two weeks prior to her diagnosis, she went to the funeral of her sister, who’d died from Covid-19. At the funeral, those in attendance were asked to wear masks, but half of the family refused. A few days later, this woman developed symptoms. Now, becoming shorter of breath, she was scared. She’d just buried her sister and was worried that she was next. Understandably, she was hurt and angry at those who callously disregarded the request to wear masks at the funeral.

I’m sure those in attendance who refused had their reasons. They were exercising their right to not wear the mask. They didn’t (and I agree with this) want the government commanding them to do something and so they just weren’t going to do it.

Sometimes though, I have to realize that it’s not about me and my rights. Sometimes it’s about doing what’s right for others. Even if I’m immune, that 80-year-old at the grocery store doesn’t know that. If she knows me, and knows that I claim to be a Christian, but I refuse to wear a mask, yes, I’ve exercised my right not to wear one, but I’ve also done a disservice to the cause of Christ.

As Americans, we demand the right to live how we want. As followers of Christ though, like Paul, we must strive to live in good conscience before God and man. If exercising my right to do or not do a thing is offensive to those around me, then I need to reconsider how important it is, not to me, but to God’s kingdom.

Would Jesus or Paul wear masks if they were here today? I think they would in some situations and would not in others. I think they would obey the law inasmuch as it didn’t contradict God’s law and I think they would be considerate of those around them, worrying more about the cause of Christ than about their own rights. This isn’t just about masks. This is about how I live before God and man.

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  1. Brian Kallevig says:

    I agree. The other day I was informed that it was sinful that I wasn’t wearing a mask. It upset me. I have my reasons for not wearing one, reasons I don’t care to share with people and I have my reasons why I don’t like to be around people wearing them. Which means during this time I avoid going to town and being around people as much as possible. That’s not good for an alcoholic like me.

  2. Barb Swanson says:

    A huge thumbs up Scott!
    Talking about our theology, or our rights, or our this or that..”what works for ME” .. seems to be a bit selfish in the mask discussion. I believe that if we are “bringing in God’s kingdom”, it is going to be through deeds (acts) of love and mercy. Doing Christ’s commands of ” loving the neighbor as oneself” & “making disciples” happens with the people we work with, our neighbors
    the people from our town in the store we have to go to…. the school, the clinic…the hospital.
    We don’t know a lot about a lot of the people around us… and don’t know everything about this virus yet… The mask issue is one of many where being a Christian means doing the thing that will show love the most, to the persons we are engaging with.

  3. Tony Freeburg says:

    Well said!!!

  4. Tony Freeburg says:

    Well said!!!

  5. Tony Freeburg says:

    Well said!!!

  6. aaron Carmody says:

    I have to say this mask thing is a hot pile of superstitious malarchy. Should we wear garlic around our necks so that people aren’t afraid of vampires? Is loving our neighbor meaning to play along with their fantasies. Would you love your children by letting them eat all the candy they can because they believe candy is good for them? Putting a piece of paper on your face to prevent a regular flu is akin to believing in magic. Should we face mecca 5 times a day and pray to Allah so that we don’t offend our neighbor? Get real man, God knows the day we die and has for a trillion years. Nothing we can do changes that and quite honestly even if I’m wrong. The net result is the same, we all gunna die. And nobody is gunna want to come back. Jesus took the sting of death away and we have no cause to live in fear or the fear of others, for all manner of ludicrous would ensue if we reduce ourselves so as to never offend

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