Everything Seems Worse at Night

Everything Seems Worse at Night

We had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel. Luke 24:21

Ever since I was a child, if I’ve ever had anything to worry about, it’s always been worse at night. If my mind is troubled, it’s that quiet time before sleep comes, during which my problems seem to grow. The light of morning usually diminishes my concern, but at night, lying there in the dark, it’s hard to see the coming dawn. I may know that things will be fine, but in the blindness of night, I can’t help but feel the increased weight of whatever circumstances are bothering me.

Today’s passage tells of two followers of Christ who were troubled by circumstance and thus, remained blind to the light of truth. The story tells of two disciples who were walking outside Jerusalem after his death. While discussing Christ’s recent arrest, crucifixion, burial, and his supposed resurrection, Jesus himself walked up and asked what they were talking about. But their eyes were kept from recognizing him (Luke 24:16).

Jesus walked and talked with them, listening to their disappointment in what they understood to be a failure of his redemption of Israel. Later, as they ate together, Jesus broke the bread and the disciple’s eyes were opened to recognize him.

It may be that Jesus prevented the two from knowing him initially, or it may be that their minds just didn’t even consider the possibility. Either way, the two disciples knew the prophecies about Christ’s death and resurrection and they still despaired that Jesus had failed at being the messiah. O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken (Luke 24:25)!

I’ve been there before, blind to hope. Early in my recovery, I was overwhelmed by the weight of circumstance. I would lie there at night, worrying about the disaster of my career and marriage. Every morning though, I would get up and make a genuine effort to follow God. In the light of God’s grace, I found hope for the future.

The challenge for us, is to have faith in what we know to be true, even when we feel the crushing weight of darkness and circumstance. In God, we have cause to hope. For those who follow him, the dawn is coming, no matter how dark the night may seem.


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