Addicted to Following the Crowd

Addicted to Following the Crowd

Let your word be like the word of one of them, and speak favorably.  2 Chronicles 18:12

Integral to sobriety is a family/social support structure that encourages recovery. Watching men leave prison then, only to go back to a drug-filled environment, is painful. I know their chances of staying sober – and out of prison – is abysmal.

For me, this wasn’t a problem. My friends didn’t use, and my family was adamant that I stay sober. I have other peer pressures though. Like most everyone, I want to fit in. Though I say God is the most important thing in my life, I don’t want to be a religious nut, so I find myself passing up opportunities to share with those in need, what God done for me.

Today’s passage tells of the prophet Micaiah, who knew peer-pressure. In the story, the kings of Judah and Israel conspired to attack Ramoth-gilead. Desiring God’s blessing, they inquired of the 400 prophets of King Ahab, who confirmed the venture. King Jehoshaphat remained unconvinced though and called for the prophet Micaiah.

The messenger sent to fetch Micaiah warned him. All of the other prophets confirmed what the kings want to hear. For your own good, just repeat what they said. Micaiah did not require worldly affirmation though and responded, As the Lord lives, what my God says, that I will speak (2 Chronicles 12:13).

We may insist we do not find our affirmation in what others think, but when was the last time we shared what Christ has done for us? Often, we have little to tell, as we have not allowed Him to transform us, but equally as often, we keep our mouths shut because we just don’t want to be seen as weird.

When we live for the affirmation of others, we’re simply enslaved to another destructive appetite of our flesh nature. Just as with a drug addiction, we find ourselves paralyzed and distracted from a life of pursuing God. If, like Micaiah though, we choose to find our affirmation and meaning only in God, then we will experience the freedom, joy and life that He alone can provide.

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