The Return

The Return

Today marks a return to social media for The Seeds of the Spirit blog. The blog was never gone. I have been writing daily, but I left Facebook in November due to my own unhealthy uses of social media. Honestly, I still struggle a little bit with trying to use something for good that I have used destructively. We shall see.

So, as of today, The Seeds of the Spirit has a new home on Facebook and Instagram. Look it up as The Seeds of the Spirit. Like it, Share it and go to the website (www.theseedsofthespirit.com) to sign up for the daily email so you don’t miss out when I decide to dump social media again.

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  1. Sarah says:

    By your title I was a little excited that you had some insight on HIS return! But I guess your return to social media will suffice until then 🙂

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