The Wrong Weigh

The Wrong Weigh

The Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. I Samuel 16:7

Life is short. Eat the cake. Now, I’m all for embracing life, but I’m pretty sure that this is the kind of thinking that got me into chemical dependency treatment. I lived for years, doing what I wanted, eating the cake. Then, as I stepped on the scale of life, I realized that something was wrong with how I measured what I truly wanted.

Most of us measure wrong. God said as much in today’s passage, when He led Samuel to Saul’s replacement as king of Israel. Samuel knew that one of the sons of Jesse would be king, so he automatically gravitated towards the tallest and best looking. God measures differently than man though. Man weighs the physical appearance, while God weighs the heart.

It is simply in my nature to weigh everything and everyone inappropriately. When I met my wife, though she did have a fantastic personality, that is not what attracted me to her. She was and is beautiful. Thankfully, she is also a wonderful person, but only a fool would have imagined that I pursued her only for her personality.

When I decide what to eat, I do not desire what would be good for me tomorrow. I pursue what my appetite wants right now. When I choose how to spend my time, I am not inclined to weigh the long-term consequences. I value that which will bring me immediate gratification. When I look at people, it is not natural for me to see them as God does. Like Samuel, I value the superficial.

If we desire to know the life God intends, we must learn to weigh as God does. We must learn to ask, not What do I want right now, but rather, What is truly best for me? What does God want? A life lived in pursuit of our own appetites is a life of immediate gratification followed by destruction.

Life is short. If we truly want to know and embrace it, we must learn to weigh as God does. God, help me to see people and things as you see them. Give me wisdom to weigh as you do.

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