A Dislocated Life

A Dislocated Life

Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves . . . Genesis 11:4

Over the years, I’ve had to reduce many dislocated joints. Whether it’s a shoulder, hip or finger, they all have two things in common: As long as the joint is out of place, there is tremendous discomfort and as soon as the joint pops back in place, there is tremendous relief.

I have previously read today’s story of the Tower of Babel, with some confusion. Why was God so offended? When I read it now though, I see my defect in theirs and I understand. Drugs have not been my worst addiction in life. My most destructive addiction has been simply, to me. I have long lived, in the devastating state of following my will above all.

From beginning to end though, the Bible teaches that man’s only right relation to God is one of profound dependence and intimate communion. We were made to live in complete faith and reliance on God. Any other position is a paralyzing dislocation of our lives.

The heinous crime then, in todays’ story, was that the Babylonians not only abandoned God for self, but they built a monument celebrating their dislocated relationship. God was not impressed.

A life dislocated from right relationship with God, as it is out of joint, will always be handicapped and should cause significant discomfort. That so many of us are numb to this pain, ignorant of our malady, betrays the stupefying power of the flesh. We have sadly, become satisfied with the meager pleasures found in the flesh. God often uses pain to wake us from this condition.

The fantastic news of the gospel, is that, in Christ, the great physician, we may continually live in right relation to God. He longs to invade all of our personalities, consuming all of our interests. We can participate in this, knowing the immeasurable joy and peace of living in proper position to Him, or, we can continue to live the misery of a dislocated life.

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