I’m Only a Jerk Because I’m a Christian

I’m Only a Jerk Because I’m a Christian

Titus 3:9 Avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.  

I must admit, that I have engaged in bitter, angry arguments over things like the age of the earth. In my perceived defense of God’s truth, I have been condescending and rude to those with whom I disagreed. Arrogantly believing that I understood God’s sense of time in the creation of the universe, I found it something worth fighting over. Perhaps my belief in the age of the earth is important to God, but I doubt very much that I am defending Him in such a dispute.

This is the lie that Paul must have encountered in today’s passage. This lie, is the one in which I tell myself that I am fighting for God, when I am actually just fighting for my own ego. I would be arrogant if I was not a Christian, but once I become convinced that I have a righteous, God-given truth, I become something worse altogether. I transform into a colossal jerk, as I cannot be wrong. God told me I’m right!

When I encounter someone who does not understand God (or the age of the earth) as I do, I envision myself to be God’s valiant warrior who must defend His honor. It is, of course, not God’s offense that I feel. It is mine. It is my own need to be right that is injured when confronted with an opposing opinion. As I believe myself to be fighting for righteousness though, I cannot admit my pride problem, so I blame God. God wants me to fight with you!

It is not that I should not stand up for what I believe. In love, I can tell of God’s truth. I should share with others what Christ has done for me. That is vastly different though than being arrogant and difficult for Christ. God may want me to stand for truth, but He has yet to ask me to sin for Him.

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