Paging Dr. Selfish

Paging Dr. Selfish

Colossians 3:23,24 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men . . . You are serving the Lord Christ.

I can have two very different days at work, based completely on my attitude. The events may be the same, but my perspective makes for two days that are quite dissimilar. In my selfishness, I become preoccupied with what I want and how I think the world should be. I focus on me and become easily frustrated by everyone and everything that does not meet my expectations. I can be irritated with and condescend to patients and coworkers. In my me-focus, I am discontent and irritated by everything. In this state, the world annoys me.

The opposite day happens when I turn my focus from me to God. When I see that it is my purpose not to serve myself, I realize that I have been blessed with the opportunity to help those in need. In turning my gaze from me, I see the hurt of others and I allow God’s love to pour out of me into them. When I work for God and not self, I live the kind of day that has true purpose and meaning. Irritations and trials are much fewer and when they occur, I handle them with grace and patience. I much prefer this day, but it takes work to get there.

Daily, I must choose to turn my gaze to God, realizing that I live for Him, not me. If I want to live the life of purpose and meaning, I must continually pursue it. This is not automatic. To live the life of self, I need to make no effort. That is just my natural state.

I can discipline myself to live every day for God. I have proven that I can live focused on something as I have lived a life focused on me. Now, I must choose to live every day in the purpose and meaning for which I was made.

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