Come As You Are: Sunday, September 17th, 7PM at The Goodness

Come As You Are: Sunday, September 17th, 7PM at The Goodness

James 3:2 We all stumble in many ways.

Everyone struggles with something.  We all do things we do not want to do and we fail to do the things we know we should.  Though we cause our own misery, we repeatedly return to our destructive behaviors and habits.  We all stumble and fail in many ways.

That is what this new weekly meeting will be about: Recognizing that we all have some struggle distracting us from who God wants us to be.  Our mission is to provide a nonjudgmental Christian community, gathering with the common goal of addressing our universal struggles so that we may encourage each other to follow Christ.

If you read this blog and identify with it, this meeting is for you.  Though we are a ministry of Living Hope Evangelical Church, we will meet at The Goodness in downtown Willmar, Sunday evenings at 7PM.  Come join us for coffee, personal stories, honest discussion and pursuit of God.

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  1. Demy Unruh says:

    I wish I lived there b/c I would love to be a part of this meeting!!!!

  2. JacquelineDarnell says:

    The Holy Spirit lives within you and makes his presents known. Wishing I lived close ( or you lived close ?) so that I could experience the blessing and “goodness” that I know that God will bestow to the group on the 17th.

    Thank you for your blog and discipleship. It has truly helped me to experience God’s grace in all things.

    Shalom from Alabama

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