Fear of Following God

Fear of Following God

Luke 9:24,25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?

I have this fear that if I truly follow God, He will make me sell all my stuff and move to Africa.  I think, If I really follow him, I am going to miss out on all the best of life.  So, I want to follow him just a little and keep all my stuff.  I want it both ways.  I want to live for me while retaining the minimum amount of faith it takes to save.

Jesus must have known how I would respond to his call to abandon self.  It is my nature to want it both ways.  I want to eat whatever I want and be in good shape.  I want to work as little as possible and make a lot of money.  I want credit for being a Christian and I want to follow me.  I want my faith to be just a small part of who I am.

Jesus said that if I want to be his disciple, it will not be just one more facet of my identity.  Being a Christian, a follower of Christ, is not just a badge on my chest.  I am not a Christian like I belong to a political party, social club or cheer for a sports team.  Being a follower of Christ is to consume my entire identity with every pursuit in life taking a back seat to him.

My flesh nature is terrified of this.  I want what I want and I fear giving up the good life.  To this kind of thinking, Jesus offers up an explanation of what I actually get in the transaction.   He knew that there would be those like me, who cling to stuff.  Jesus said that if I live for self, I will, in the end, lose everything.  It is true of course, that I cannot take my stuff with me when I die, but I think his words had more relevance than to just the afterlife.

It was my pursuit of me that led me away from God to my own destruction.  I did not set out to take pills and become an addict.  I set out to live the good life and follow my own desires.  I just wanted to live for me.  Thus, I turned from God.  Paradoxically it was in the pursuit of me that I lost myself.  In the end, I almost lost my family and career.

Jesus warned that this is the inevitable consequence of living for self.  If I live for me, I may not end up in jail or treatment, but I will lose out on the most important thing in life, a relationship with God.  The destruction may not always be obvious, but even the good life can be disastrous if it keeps me from knowing and following God.

If I insist of the right to pursue me, I will, in the end, forfeit my life and relationship with God.  It is only in abandoning self that I gain both God and authentic life.


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