Treasure Hunter Part Two

Treasure Hunter Part Two

Matthew 13:45,46 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

Just in case I did not get it the first go around, Jesus retold his parable of the treasure hunter. I debated whether to spend a day on this one as it is just a retelling of yesterday’s parable.  I got to wondering why Jesus bothered to repeat the idea and, in the end, decided that if Jesus emphasized it then maybe I should spend another day on it.

Most of us have been unwilling to do what it takes to be who we are meant to be.  Most of us will claim that God is the most important thing in life, only to live as if we are.  We kind of want the faith to move mountains but in the end, we just want to comfortable.  Like the wanna-be athlete, we sit on the couch, eating donuts, dreaming of Olympic gold.

I have claimed that I would do anything to be free from my defects, only to refuse the treatment.  I have longed to be closer to God, only to turn my back on him.  I have many excuses.  I am so busy.  I have a family and a job.  Bills don’t pay themselves.  When it comes down to it though, I am usually just unwilling to make the painful changes it takes to stop following self and follow God.  I just pray that He would magically change me.  God, I do not want to have to change anything, I just want you to change me.

Jesus says this is not how it works.  The kingdom of God is not something I earn by doing good, but once it is planted in me, it is mine to grow or neglect.  Here is Jesus’ secret:  God in me is worth everything.  There is nothing in this life that is more important.

I remember fearing what I would lose if I did what it took to get clean.  There is a price to pay for doing right and following God.  The twist of course, is that in pursuit of self, I put everything I cared about in jeopardy anyway.  I was so concerned about my career and family.  I worried that acknowledging my defect would put it all at risk.  I was blind to the fact that my ongoing behavior was the real threat.  My selfish pursuits always catch up with me in some way.

Jesus’ parable makes me ask what I am pursuing today that is keeping me from being who God wants me to be.  Am I willing to do what it takes to rid myself of it?  Am I willing to go through the discomfort of change to gain the life God has for me?  Or, am I going to cling to self and forfeit that treasure?  Jesus says the choice is mine.  I can remain in the misery of self or I can follow him.

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