Can I Prove God?

Can I Prove God?


Revelations 4:11 Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.”

When I contemplate the vast expanse of the universe, billions of light-years across, my brain simply cannot comprehend the scale of it all.  The fact that if God exists, He is necessarily bigger or beyond this, is even harder to wrap my brain around.  If there is a God and if He did create the universe, He is necessarily more than his creation, being incomprehensible in power and scale.  Yet, He somehow is able to reach down and interact with me in loving, intimate communion.  It is precisely because of his immense power as creator however, that John says He is worthy of our faith.

Here, I do not blame the doubter.  This is a grand reality to embrace. One cannot prove it nor can anyone disprove it. God exists beyond the confines of my scale and measure.  Just as some cannot accept the existence of God, I cannot accept a universe without him.  His existence is a fact as is my need for him.  The nonbeliever may say that I only believe because it is my preference, but that makes my need for God and what He has done for me no less real.  I absolutely need God. Without him I am a disaster and it is only in my absolute need that I draw close to and experience his love.

It is only here, in my need for God, that I begin down the road of comprehending him.  I will never completely apprehend God as I will never attain the mysteries of the universe.  So, though I will never be able to contain him in my mind, it is in my desperate love for and communion with, that I begin to know him.

If one does not see a need for God, or if one cannot accept that God exists to meet those needs, one will never see him.  The doubter looks at the complexity and vastness of the universe and sees it as evidence that God is not.  The believer looks at the same expanse and sees it as God’s expression of himself.  When the believer looks at the stars it is with a sense of gazing upon God.  It is God’s majesty and immensity that make him hard to accept, but those same qualities make him worthy of our faith.  He is the only one worthy to be called God.  He is the only one worth believing in.

I know I cannot argue the unbeliever into belief.  I know that my need is not proof of his existence.  I am not intelligent enough to answer every objection to God.  I can only point to my own story.  That is my greatest evidence, to tell of my need and what He has done for me.  So, I just share my story of God’s love with those who are seeking.  In their need, they may come to know God or they may choose otherwise.  All I can do is keep my eyes on the one who created all things and leave the rest up to him.

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