My Hate Box

My Hate Box


1 John 2:9-11 Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. Whoever loves his brother abides in the light… But whoever hates his brother walks in the darkness…

Yesterday’s Conversation With God…

God, I think I am going to skip this passage. Why is that? I just don’t struggle with hatred much. I’m a lover, not a hater. Hmm. Really? Want to go for a run? Nuts. You are going to show me who I hate aren’t you? Let’s just go for that run. I really think you might be wrong on this one, God. I get along pretty well with everyone. We’ll see…

Remember that run last week when you saw that one guy right here? Remember how you would not wave? Remember what you thought about him? God, you don’t know what a class five jerk that guy has been. His name has truly earned its place in my hate box. Ha! Really? Tell me what he has done that I am unaware of. Fine, I’ll work on it. Maybe I’ll wave next time… Well, that’s about it I guess.

We’re not done yet. There are still a few names here in your little box. What about that one guy? The one that said that vile thing about my daughter? Yes. Um, yes, I do believe his name definitely belongs in the box. That one is justified. He said mean things? Yes. And now you hate him? I strongly dislike him. I love him as I loved you, even in your worst destruction. Fine, I’ll work on it. Can we be done now?

Not just yet. What about this group of people over here? Ugh, I don’t think I hate them. They are just… Wait, I’m just going to stop talking. Exactly. Love them as I have loved you. Ok, I get it God. Let’s go home.

What about those who embrace a life that you find destructive? Do you ever say hateful things about them? Seriously, God, I’m ready to be done. Just answer the question, Mr. Lover. Sigh. Yes, sometimes I am hateful towards them. Isn’t that on you though, God? Do you not hate destructive deeds of the flesh? Do you think you are to be my hateful enforcer? Do you think I hate them? Ok, this isn’t fun anymore.

Scott, I am not trying to be hard on you, but you have got to see that your hate box is still full. I love you, not because you deserve my love. I love you, because you are my son and because I created you. I want you to love others, not because they are perfect, but because I love them.

When I commanded you to love your neighbor, I did not provide an exception clause. You do not get to decide who is worthy of my love. This does not mean you will like everyone, but I do want you to empty your hate box. I want my love to pour out of you to those around you. Love your neighbor as I have loved you. Sigh. You’re right. Ha! I know.  I’m God.

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