Tuesday, June 28th. Fraud or Faith.

Tuesday, June 28th. Fraud or Faith.

They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works.  Titus 1:16

There is a vast difference between knowing a reality and having faith in that reality. I can know that my doctor exists, but if I don’t do what he tells me, I have no faith in him. As evangelicals, we have rightly emphasized that we are saved by faith, not by our works. I think that many of us however, have mistakenly come to understand faith in God merely as an acceptance of his existence. I can believe in God while never changing my behavior.

Peter could have stayed in the boat and believed that Jesus could walk on water. It was not until Peter stepped out of the boat however, that he truly showed his faith. This is faith, to keep our eyes on Christ and to act accordingly. This means that our works will provide evidence of our faith.

I may not be saved by what I do, but if there is a complete fracture between my behavior and my beliefs, then I am a fraud. Even the demons believe—and shudder! (James 2:19) I’ve been at the point where I have looked at the discrepancy between my behavior and my beliefs and I found it terrifying. I was right to be terrified.

We each need to look inward and ask if there is a discordance between our beliefs and our behavior. If we find this makes us uncomfortable, then we should be uncomfortable. It is a cheap grace that insists that God will forgive over and over when we have no intention of changing. Today, I will choose to keep my gaze on God and will live accordingly.

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  1. Glen says:

    Really good Scott. Thanks for the challenge.

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