Sunday, June 19th

Sunday, June 19th

For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant… without self- control… swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness…   2 Timothy 3:2-6

It is easy for me to see the flesh nature defects in others. I read passages like this and I start thinking of specific people who struggle with each defect. People are the worst. It is far easier for us to judge others than to be honest about that which is in our own hearts. So when we read lists like this, we want to go out and hit those lovers of self over the head with our Bible.

Paul’s words however, were a warning to us, not others. He was speaking of those who have the appearance of godliness. So the question for myself is, Am I a lover of self or a lover of God? Am I prideful, arrogant, without self-control, or conceited? Do I spend more time and effort pursuing my own pleasure than I do pursuing God?

If I sit in church on Sunday morning singing of my love for God but then spend the rest of the week chasing self, I am an imposter. I have been there. I have spoken the words, confessed the faith, but did not allow it to affect my behavior. If my faith is real, it will affect how I live.

Honesty about this is difficult and painful. If you read lists like this and only see the defects of others, then pride is your problem. Pride kills faith as it insists that we do not need to grow. Thank God I’m not like those people. I don’t need to change.

Today, I will choose to be honest about my own defects. Today I will choose God over self.

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  1. Charles Causey says:

    Scott, great reminder to keep our eyes off of our neighbor and their weaknesses knowing that I have a tremendous amount of sin in my own heart.
    Have a great day brother!
    You’re children have a wonderful father.
    Proverbs 16:1-9

  2. Pat Hoeft says:

    So true, Scott. We so easily get distracted from our true mission, a hundred times a day! This is a good reminder to keep aware and to be actively choosing God in all circumstances. Thanks for your insight and sharing. You have a great family.

  3. Cristina Chavez says:

    Praise God!! Thanks for the reminder, Scott.

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