Blogging from the Garage

Blogging from the Garage

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

In the midst of graduation weekend, along with a big graduation party, we’re moving to a different home. Usually, I blog every morning from my recliner in the living room, but with the graduation party taking up that space, my favorite chair – and me along with it – has been displaced to the garage. Everything is out of place which is throwing us all off a little bit.

We spent the day yesterday packing and moving, which put everyone in a foul mood. Tempers were short and harsh words were exchanged. It was in this context that I spent the day meditating on today’s passage. Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. God, how do I move for your glory? It doesn’t have anything to do with church or serving you.

Therein lies a significant life problem for me. I tend to separate myself into two lives. I’m a Christian on Sunday morning, and whenever I do “Christian” things. Then, the rest of my time is my own to say and do whatever I want. This is how I was able to justify my drug use. I compartmentalized, keeping that life independent from my Christian life.

In today’s passage, Paul said this is not to be the case. He said that whatever we do – eating, drinking, anything – we’re to do it for God. If we can’t do it with our eyes on God, we shouldn’t do it. Even the mundane activities of life, we’re to do with God’s will in mind. What does that look like?

In the context of the passage, Paul addressed the morally gray subject of eating of food that had been offered to idols. He said that if a host offered it, it’s OK to eat. If someone would be offended however, then it’s not OK. Paul said it’s not about our rights, but rather, about doing what’s right before God and others. Our attitude should continually be one of serving God’s will and loving those around us, no matter what we’re doing.

Seen in this light, even something as mundane as moving can be done with my focus on myself or on God. I can allow my irritability to direct my behavior, snapping at my loved ones, or I can choose to act in a manner that would glorify God and display love to my family. Whatever I do, I’m to do it with my eyes, not on myself, but on God – even moving and blogging from the garage.